Lil Darlin' Originals, by LaJuana Dyke

Hi from beautiful, downtown Andover Kansas, and thank you for stopping by! My name is LaJuana Dyke, creator of Lil Darlin' Originals! Creating has always been a big part of my life and with the loving support of my family who have had to endure everything from dining room table turned craft room central, crazy work and show schedules, to lack of home cooked meals...I believe we must own a good portion of the local fast food eateries by now!...and yet we have all managed to survive.

I am no longer fighting for space on the dining room table (actually, I very rarely cook anymore as the children are grown and have their own families, and thanks to fast food my husband and I rarely use the dining room table anyway!) - I have a fantastic studio...though many of my creations still tend to spill over into other rooms of the house no matter how hard I try to conform (an artist conforming!!)... I must give wonderful credit where it is due - my husband, Carl, God bless him, is determined to stick it out to the very end and put up with me (and fast food!) and my Lil Darlin's...anyone with an artistic spouse knows that can be nothing less than true love. (Some people believe we artists are not always so easy to live with! What!!).

I began sculpting almost 20 years ago (where has the time gone!!). It was a scary venture, looking at that lump of clay sitting in front of me. It was something that I had never tried before but knew that I desperately wanted to be able to sculpt. All the OOAK dolls I'd seen in magazines were just so amazing and I was determined to create my own! Well, I've been sculpting for some time now and my little guys have gone thru quite a transformation but I think they have come thru the ordeal rather nicely! My Lil Darlin’s and I still have a long way to go - the end of that learning curve is never reached! There are always so many new techniques to learn, new clays to experiment with and there is always, ALWAYS, improvements to be made in my sculpting abilities! I believe a good sculptor realizes that she will never know it all and is always on the quest to improve her art.

As much as I love sculpting, I've always got that desperate urge to cross over into other media...and that's where I get myself into trouble! I believe if I could just get a few additional hours added to each day things would really work out much better for me! The fact remains that there's just not enough time to practice them all. Ultimately, I’ve chosen to concentrate on what I am most passionate about and that is sculpting! Luckily, creating Art Dolls not only include sculpting but sewing, fashion design, painting, writing and plenty of imagination! While I await those additional precious moments, I will continue to create all sorts of fun and unique items from the limits of my studio (actually limits might be too narrow of a term...okay, my studio, spare bedroom and kitchen/dining room)!

I have been honored to have had a couple of my creations featured in Art Doll Quarterly along with several Santa’s making their debut in LifeLike Dolls.

I hope you will enjoy my creations as much as I have enjoyed creating them. And please, come back often and check out all the new items that I will add as they are created!

If you have any questions or comments please convo me, or send me an email at: lildarlinoriginals [!at]
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Just a quick disclaimer: Please note that Lil Darlin’ Originals are created as Collectible Creations for adults only and are not intended for children. Please do not purchase them for children.

Please note: I am in the process of creating a new website and just as soon as it is complete I will add the link from my Etsy Shop!

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